Kayaking and Canoeing in Coimbra

A kayak trip on the Mondego River in Coimbra is a special opportunity for anyone to pass an adventurous day full of fun with friends, family or colleagues. The Mondego is one of the only rivers in Portugal in which it’s possible to kayak comfortably all year round and kayaking trips are a real highlight of any visit to the region.

On the river, you can canoe to the ancient university city of Coimbra, but it is advisable to begin only after the large dam in Agueira. You can rent canoes in Penacova including the ride back from Coimbra to Penacova.

During the canoe trip there are cliffs and a lot of green, interspersed with occasional small beaches or a cave. You will experience the peace and quiet of nature until you arrive in Coimbra with the hustle and bustle of city life.