Discover the rich world of ceramics

In Central Portugal, between mountains, rivers and forests, you will find the studios of A CERÂMICA. Here we offer courses in the summer months, as well as in spring and the autumn, for beginners and advanced students. Enjoy a fully catered holiday and discover the rich world of ceramics.


Course in general

As a beginner you will be taught the first principles of pottery. For advanced students we’ll put together the program in consultation with you, so you can further develop your ceramic skills. The course is facilitated by experienced teachers.


The teacher

Kees Agterberg, graduated from the arts academies of Utrecht and Amsterdam. He evolved into an experienced ceramist and ceramics teacher. In addition to designing and throwing functional ware on the potter’s wheel, he has in recent years increasingly focused on modelling – hand building – free forms. From small sculptures to monumental. From the first moment he got to know Portugal he was hugely impressed by the country. Since then he has regularly taught and worked in different workshops.

Accommodation & Food

Our guests stay overnight in one of the following accommodations. These are places we have gained excellent experiences with Casa das Eiras, is at 4 km distance from the workshop. It is a beautiful noble’s country house with several single and double rooms. It is a truly unique place and offers a good breakfast to begin the day full with energy. During the course a lunch will be provided in the atelier. In the evening you will enjoy dinner made by a professionnal cook, Mirjam Post, served in a quinta with partly covered courtyard just a few steps away from Casa das Eiras.