Totally natural

Come and learn how to make top quality, beautiful, natural soaps using the traditional cold process method with our professional and enthousiastic teacher Ishbel Ramsay in her studio with beautifull countryside.

The teacher Ishbel says: "My goal is to teach you the skills you need to successfully make beautiful handmade soap using natural ingredients such as olive oil, shea and cocoa butter and lovely essential oils."  All this takes place in the beautiful, relaxing and supportive atmosphere of the new Art Studio at our Portuguese farm .



I will provide you with everything you will need, all the ingredients, equipment and safety gear.  You will learn in small groups in a clean, relaxing place with plenty of time to ask all the questions you want.  I am a highly experienced soap maker and respected tutor so you can feel totally happy that you will be receiving the best tuition possible as well as having great fun learning a new skill and making new friends.

Soap making does not require a huge amount of complicated equipment or ingredients and is a really absorbing hobby, imagine how great it would be to be able to easily make all your Christmas and birthday gifts, soaps for your whole family, for special occasions or just for yourself.  Especially as they will be totally natural, not containing any of the harsh, unfriendly chemicals of commercial soaps.


Beginners Course

This is a hands on course, you will learn how to make your own natural soap and how to make it safely.  You will learn a craft that has been passed down through history with trusted recipes that you can take home with you.  The whole class will cover all the items below as I demonstrate how to make a batch of soap:

• A brief history and basic chemistry of soap making.
• Necessary materials, supplies and equipment (what to use and what not to use).
• Safety considerations when working with sodium hydroxide.
• You will learn the importance of taking accurate measurements & proper mixing temperatures.
• Explanation of the different properties of soap making oils.
• Explanation of the differences between fragrance oils and essential oils.
• Colouring soap naturally with herbs, spices and clays.
• You will learn a basic soap mixture, all recipes will be provided along with a complete explanation of all the steps involved.
• Preparing your molds and molding options.
• Cutting, curing and storing your finished soaps.
• Help and advice on labeling, packaging and decorating your new soaps.

Then comes the fun bit, you get to make the soap.  I supply all the ingredients and you will be able to choose how your soap is coloured, fragranced and finished.  You then get to take home your first 1 Kilo batch of soap that you have made in class (it will not be hard enough to cut at that point) you will finish the curing process at home and end up with 10 - 12 bars of your own soap!  If traveling from afar we can keep hold of the soap for you until it is hard enough to post.



Dates on request
€70 per person