It All Starts on the Farm

The peace and space we find at our “quinta” inspired us to grow our own vegetables. The 54 olive trees formed the start. In November 2015 the trees were full of olives. What to do? That is how we became enthralled and learned how to prune and maintain the trees. And how to process the olives. We received good advice from all our Portuguese neighbours.

The same neighbours thought we had enough land to start a vegetable garden. We hesitantly started with some courgettes and tomatoes. By now, the vegetable garden area is many square meters larger and supplies us with vegetables for the entire year. Because vegetables from your own garden taste so much better than from the store!

The fruit trees also provide vitamins throughout the year. Starting with the mandarins in February via cherry, peach, plum, apple and (quince) pear to the kiwis in November.

All our products are carefully processed for your breakfast and dinner. Fruits and vegetables, oils, jams, compotes, spirits, syrups and many others can be found in our "Little Corner of Health".


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