Beautiful chains of mountains

The Serra da Estrela is calling to be discovered by car with plenty of stops to visit the lakes, to climb the huge rocks and to walk around the top called Torre (2000 m) where you find a market with regional products. The nice town of Seia and villages of Sabugueiro, Manteigas and Loriga are worth a visit. In wintertime you even may have the chance to ski.

In the Serra do Açor you have to visit the picturesque slate village of Piódão. In 2018 it was elected the most beautiful and remote village of Portugal. There are spectacular views during the trip passing by Fraga da Pena and the chestnutwood of Mata da Margaraça to reach the village and if in the neigbourhood don´t miss the romantic stone bridges of Foz d´Egua.

In the Serra da Lousã you find wonderful trails to discover more little slate villages in  stunning surroundings. For example the walk from Aigra Velha, Aigra nova and Comeira. Or the walk from the old castle of Lousã to the slate village of Talasnal.

The Caramulo is found on the other side of the valley and is known for its wellness atmosphere with his luxurious houses. For car fans a visit to the museum is a must. And there are still some little factories to visit where they make the black pottery.

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